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TGIF Business Networking Hangout – Workshop: Create Blogging Prompts for Your Business Blog

TGIF Business Networking Hangout - Workshop: Create Blogging Prompts for Your Business Blog

Hi Plussers!  This episode of the *TGIF Business Networking Hangout* features as special guests, *YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU & YOU!* It’s time for another *Open Networking Mixer* on TGIF! _Added Bonus!_ We’ll be doing some *business blog brainstorming exercises* that will *provide you with a list of custom prompts* for whenever you need a little help to get you started on writing your next business blog post!

PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME – 10am pst!  (formerly 9am pst)

*About the Special Guest – YOU!*
Come on in to the TGIF Business Networking Hangout on Air to do some *networking and business blog brainstorming exercises!* This is a great opportunity for newbies to test the waters of joining in a Hangout and being on camera, without the pressure of being in a formal interview.

*What We’ll Be Discussing*  
Do you have a blog on your business web site? Have you ever had Blogger’s Burnout? I can answer yes to both of these questions and it is no fun. The feeling guilty, the writer’s block, the feeling like you’re not accomplishing what you should be can be like an invisible wall that keeps you from moving forward. In this Hangout, we’ll be doing some exercises designed to jog your creative blog juices and which will leave you with a list of custom tailored blog prompts to pull out whenever you need a little help and inspiration for writing your next post!

*About the Host*
+Meilani MacDonald is a *brand identity and outreach strategy consultant* with a background in public outreach and graphic design. Primarily serving solopreneurs, small business, and non-profits as an outsource resource for graphic design and social outreach projects, she also hosts Meilani’s Blooming Business Club, a membership club which provides members with live and recorded workshops, video lessons, resources, homework assignments, inspiration and motivation, and twice monthly “Consultant is IN” hangout sessions where they can take advantage of Meilani consulting time at a hugely discounted rate over privately booked consulting sessions. Club resources, workshops and Hangouts are all made available via a private community right here on Google+.

*Do You Want to Do Some Business Networking? Got Questions? Chime in!*
Participate in the live discussion by joining us inside the Hangout! If you are camera shy, participate by posting your questions and comments here in the event listing. You can leave them before the show even!  

Please share this event with your friends and colleagues who would also find this topic interesting and useful. Use the *_Invite More_* button just below this text box to invite your friends and colleagues. 

*Would You Like To Join Us Inside The Hangout?*
*TGIF is a business networking Hangout, not just an interview show!* So select YES to get a reminder from your G+ Event Calendar and leave a seat request in the event comments.   I’ll add you to my TGIF notify and invite circle, and you’ll receive invitations to join us inside the hangout! 

*Camera Shy? First Timer? No Problem! TGIF is Newbie Friendly!* 🙂
I will open the Green Room by 9:30am if there are any invite requests in the comments, and will show you how to turn on your name stripe, camera and mic. 
*Guest and Host Web Sites*

*You can find past episodes of TGIF archived at:* 


*Check out Meilani’s Graphic Design Portfolio at*

Anyone else who is planning to join us, please do leave a self introduction in the comments, and be sure to include a link to your web site! *Do some networking!* 🙂

*What time will this broadcast be in YOUR time zone?*

Well that’s it for now, mark your calendars for *Friday, October 16th at 10am pst*, and we’ll see you then!!

*Would you like to be notified of upcoming episodes of the TGIF Business Networking Hangout?*
Please leave a comment and you’ll be added to the TGIF notify and invite to join circle!

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